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Pryor Crrek Bait Sign -- Live Bait, Take a Kid Fishing

What Sets Pryor Creek Bait Company Apart from other Bait Companies?

Look for our Sign

When a customer sets up an account with us, we send them two signs, one for their refrigerator and one to put in their stores' window. We also use recycled paper for worm bedding in the cartons of night crawlers instead of the black peat dirt that other companies use which stains the fisherman's hands and boat. The live bait is guaranteed to live for 14 days and we will replace any bait that dies in that time frame on future orders. Please Call 406-855-8493 or find us on Facebook under "Pryor Creek Bait Co." with any other questions.

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UPS Next Day Shipping in Montana and Northern Wyoming
(Monday - Thursday)
$13 - $22 per box

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