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About Pryor Creek Bait Company

Look for our Sign Pryor Creek Bait Company was started in 2001 and was operated out of Huntley, Montana until May of 2008. In May the company was purchased by Trapper's Recycling, Bait and Tackle and both companies are now operated from the same building in Laurel, Montana. We purchased Tongue River Bait Company in Sheridan Wyoming in the spring of 2011. This now enables us to supply bait to 30+ stores in Sheridan, Buffalo, Gillette and the surrounding areas in Wyoming.

I, Michael Herman personally manage the business and do the deliveries in the Fall through Spring and usually have additional help in the Summer. We also ship to over twenty stores through UPS, next day ground. If you would like to purchase bait from us at wholesale prices, please contact me at (406) 855-8493.

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You can NOW Buy ALL Your Ice Fishing Equipment by clicking on the Link on the Left. I hope you can find everything you need for great low prices! 

Thanks, God Bless, & Happy Fishing!!

Michael & Ron

Posted: 2014-12-27 05:42:43

ATTENTION ALL Tongue River Reservoir Ice Fishermen!! Fathead Minnows NOW ONLY $4.00/Dozen when you buy 20+ Dozen. I'm making this price deduction to help cover the gas expense of fishermen coming from Wyoming. I'm on call 7 Days a Week, just give me 1 day notice of when you are coming to buy minnows 
Happy Fishing!!
Michael & Ron

Posted: 2014-12-17 04:33:44
Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Deals!! Open 8 AM to 8 PM

Wholesale Prices for Everyone on Night Crawlers, Meal Worms, Wax Worms, Maggots, and Smelt! Also Selling $50 Gift Certificates for Only $40! I will also be accepting orders over the phone (406-855-8493) and they will be shipped out the following week. Night Crawlers, Meal Worms, Wax Worms, and Maggots ALL ONLY $2.00 Each, Herring Smelt (12 Packs) ONLY $6.50 Each!


Thanks Michael and Ron

Posted: 2014-11-27 10:39:22
October 2014 - Thanks for another Great Season!!

Thanks Everyone for partnering with us to make it an extremely busy summer for all of us at Pryor Creek Bait! The summer seemed to fly by and I estimate we sold over 1.7 Million worms this year so far! Thanks Again! We have plenty of live minnows in stock now and hope to be able to serve even more customers in the months and years to come! :) Please connect with us on Facebook to receive the best and latest information from us.
Happy Fishing & God Bless!
Michael and Ron

Posted: 2014-10-05 07:22:23
Summer 2014

Happy Fishing Everyone!! We have already donated bait for numerous kids fishing events this year :) I just wanted to let everyone know about some of the rising bait prices this year because of the longer winter weather in Minnesota that have affected leech production and the long winter weather in Canada that have dramatically affected worm picking conditions and driven prices up as well because of lower supplies of worms. Here is a short letter from my worm supplier on the situation: 

Dear Customers;

This season is setting up to be one of the most challenging, as to the availability of night crawlers, experienced in the last 30 years.  The exceptionally heavy winter kept snow on the ground late into the spring in Canada where the majority of worms are produced.  As a result they were unable to pick and store worms as normal during the late part of April and March and even into early May.

            This unusually low supply; means prices for any available worms are high and going higher. We are doing all we can to get worms even at very high prices but it is likely we will run completely out of bait during some time intervals this summer.  We will share equally the limited bait we have if it comes to such a solution. The cost of bait to you will likely go up as it increases for us.  We promise to return to normal pricing as costs normalize.

            We are hopeful sufficient rain will come to Canada and that we in Idaho can significantly increase our local production.  Our purpose in writing this letter is to make you aware in advance of these possibilities.

Thank you for understanding,

Bruce Hendrix

Thanks, God Bless & Happy Fishing!!


Posted: 2014-06-22 09:45:42

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